Jeremy Corbyn – Straight talking politics?

Jeremy Corbyn once again shows himself to be an unprincipled and shameless propagandist for unsavoury regimes and murderous, kleptomaniac dictators. He attacks Trump (rightly) for simply condemning violence ‘on both sides’ at the Charlottesville demonstration where a demonstrator was killed by a white supremacist. But thinks it ‘s fine to have taken exactly the same […]

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Shameless Shami Chakrabarti

A well-deserved place in the Hall of Shame for Shami Chakrabarti. Years of reputation-building thrown away for a peerage.  Was it really worth it, Shami? Presiding over the most cack-handedly naked sham review of anti-semitism and then taking her pieces of silver whilst maintaining the pretence of competence in the face of all evidence to the […]

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