Shameless Shami Chakrabarti

A well-deserved place in the Hall of Shame for Shami Chakrabarti. Years of reputation-building thrown away for a peerage.  Was it really worth it, Shami? Presiding over the most cack-handedly naked sham review of anti-semitism and then taking her pieces of silver whilst maintaining the pretence of competence in the face of all evidence to the […]

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Breaking News … Leaving the EU means European Conflagration Within Days

David Cameron’s desperation plumbed new depths today with his farcical attempt to link Brexit to war in Europe. Ironically, the cynical propagandist cobbling together of fearmongering and false representation of history could almost have come from of one of those dictatorial regimes we have actually had to fight against. Disreputable and unworthy of a democratic politician, and […]

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Hall of Shame: Stoke City Council

Having worked over recent months with Hitex International Group, I find I’m nowadays taking more notice of road surfaces and markings than I ever used to. Possibly much more than might be considered ‘normal’ or healthy. But even without my new-found nerdiness, I would have been horrified by the state of the new road surface […]

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