Brexit manifesto

Brexit medicines shortages

Medicine Shortages and Brexit

I just came across this misinformed piece of anti-Brexit hype on LinkedIn. That site only allows short comments, so I’ve written a fuller response here on the blog. In brief … Remainers jump at any opportunity to blame any problem on Brexit. “We told you so”. This is certainly the case with medicine shortages. I […]

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Grandfather clock face

Antique Grandfather Clocks

I have worked with John Shone, proprietor of Antique Grandfather Clocks in Widnes for a decade. I even bought a clock from him myself! So I am happy to recommend his services if you are in the market for a clock of your own. John has been in the business for more than 30 years and […]

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Jeremy Corbyn – Straight talking politics?

Jeremy Corbyn once again shows himself to be an unprincipled and shameless propagandist for unsavoury regimes and murderous, kleptomaniac dictators. He attacks Trump (rightly) for simply condemning violence ‘on both sides’ at the Charlottesville demonstration where a demonstrator was killed by a white supremacist. But thinks it ‘s fine to have taken exactly the same […]

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