Regus Review – Hall of Shame

Regus are the first of two entries today in the Hall of Shame.  A few months ago, we took out a virtual office package with them for our new London base. All we needed initially was mail forwarding. Although they are not the  cheapest in the market, Regus had premises in the right part of London and we were looking to expand the virtual presence in due course to a staffed outpost, so it made sense to go with them. We also assumed a certain level of confidence given that they are a global firm specialising in this kind of  thing.

However, after some time, we had received no forwarded mail, which didn’t seem right. So, we sent some test items by first class post.  Weeks later, none of these had been forwarded to us. When we wrote to complain, no explanation was offered for this baffling failure (although the two test items did magically turn up some days subsequently).  They also just didn’t seem to get or acknowledge that failing to forward mail was a pretty fundamental breach of contract for a mail-forwarding service. Our frustration in resolving the problem has been compounded by their aparent inability to reply until you have prodded them twice every time.

This seeming disorganisation and lack of care is bad enough. But Regus have made sure of their place in the Hall of Shame by also abusing the continuous credt card payment authority – an increasingly common trait nowadays. Despite our having emailed them several times stating that we held them in breach of contract and considered the contract dead, they have continued to take payment through the credit card mandate in flagrant contravention of our instruction and their authority. They then came out with that other old chestnut used by companies providing poor services and products reliant on inertia and bureaucratic obstructionism to trap unhappy customers  – “all you need to do is give us three months written notice of cancellation”. As if the 5 emails we had sent them over previous month stating that we considered the contact breached and terminated somehow didn’t qualify as notice of cancellation!

So, a great big raspberry to Regus for failing to provide the contracted service, failing to acknowledge or explain,  atrocious service recovery procedures,  shabby attempts to hide behind bureaucracy, and abuse of continuous payment authority. On top of that I have to say that on visiting the premises, I found them to be in my opinion in surprisingly poor condition – broken wifi, shabby decor etc. That may be symptomatic of the same casual approach to customer service that we have been experiencing. But in any case, it is a further  reason to sever our relationship as we would not consider those premises suitable to host clients when we eventually establish a staffed office in London.

Regus’ recalcitrance is likely to end up costing them money as well as reputational damage.  We initially told them we would be prepared to consider the contract terminated so both parties could walk away. As they have refused that option, we find ourselves obliged to launch county court action to recover the full £500 that we have paid them to date plus court fees.  Perhaps the business lesson here is that if you screw up the best approach is to acknowledge that and to find a mutually acceptable means of service recovery or at least damage limitation rather than trying to enforce discredited contractual clauses.

So, unfortunately, our verdict is that Regus suck.

UPDATE: 13 Sept 2010

All hail the power of the Internet.  It seems the best way to get through to the people who care about a large company’s reputation is through blogging.  My many emails to managers in Regus had got me nowhere. Even  issuing a county court claim generated indifference. But I received a call last week from Suzanne,  a very helpful customer service director who had been alerted to this blog article and had consequently investigated the case.

Suzanne carried out some prompt and exemplary service recovery: statement of regret at service lapses; explanation of actions taken to prevent recurrence; all charges to date and court fees refunded immediately; offer of several months’ free service in compensation (which I didn’t take up). The only element missing was a box of chocolates (well, a boy can hint). Here’s a selection from Suzanne’s email – a demonstration of how to do it right …
“Thank you for your time today, naturally I was disappointed to hear of your experiences as a new Regus customer, especially as we strive to provide the very highest level of customer service and professionalism, which unfortunately in your experience has not been the case. I feel it would be pointless at this stage to try and justify what has happened, but to assure you a very valuable lesson has been learnt with the following actions implemented as matter of priority:
1) Management within the centre has been changed with immediate effect
2) Centre team to be re-trained locally and to shadow other locations where exceptional service is delivered on a daily basis
3) Postal sorting and storage system to be restructured, ensuring all post once received is date stamped, sorted and then either stored or forwarded to customers as per their specific requirements.
Furthermore I have with immediate effect fully cancelled your contract and raised the following credit notes, which fully offset all previous invoices …
I have also pushed an immediate refund back to your card for all payments collected including the court costs, full refund amount totals £576.83 (transaction confirmation provided for your reference – please allow 5 working days for the funds to show back on your card).
Following on from the actions completed above, we agreed that any previous claims made against Regus will be stopped with no further claim or action taken. Again I am disappointed that we will not have the opportunity to demonstrate we can get this right, however I fully appreciate your decision. I hope I have addressed all of your concerns, however should there be anything further I can assist with please do not hesitate to contact me, and should your situation change in the future we certainly would like to hear from you again.
Finally I would like to wish you and your colleagues at Kent House Consulting every success for the future.”

It was too late to get us back as customers, but the issue no longer festers, everyone can move on amicably, and bad publicity is now mitigated. I have to say that it’s not an unusual experience nowadays to come up against a brick wall when dealing with a corporation and either never to reach someone sensible or for that only to happen late in the process after neeedless frustration, time wasting, and increased cost. How much better would daily life be if companies learnt how to escalate issues quickly and routinely to someone trained and authorised to resolve problems? Of course, it would be nice if front-line staff and line management did things right in the first place to avoid disputes, but I guess you can’t have everything.

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  1. James Fairlie 27 Aug 10 at 8:51 am #

    I’m sorry to hear about your issues and I hope they can be resolved quickly.

    What area of London do you need these services?

    I work for a company which delivers professional virtual office services across London. Our actually offices are in Victoria, Canary Wharf, St Pauls and the City.

    If we can be of any assistance in the future do let me know. We often assist companies who have been let down by other providers.


    • admin 27 Aug 10 at 9:42 am #

      Hi James

      Thanks for your follow up. We’ve just identified an alternative, as it happens, but I’m happy to leave your comment and contact details here in case they are of use to others. Kevin

    • Adam Pipp 1 Sep 14 at 10:41 am #


      I hope you all have your reading glasses on, what they have done to me and my partner is soo outrageous and pathetic I will never use their services again.

      We took an office in one canada square canary wharf. Initially they started our contract early on paper however they PROMISED US a month free if we kept up with our hefty initial payments. Of course this free month happened.

      After we grew and moved to a bigger office. Their service fell apart – the office needed painting( white walls with black marks), we sourced a handyman and paid to do it ourselves. Phone lines were never moved to our required positions and many small things.

      A month or two down the line in a argument with Regus one of their staff had made a claim our company had swore at him (total rubbish) they then terminated our contract and our deposit and paid month totalling 15k has not been returned after 2.5 Months !! They promise giving it every week and if they think I will let GREGORY BROAD Steal my 15K I worked so hard for then he is mistaken.

      Stay away from the crooks they call Regus. Unethical scandals who are only big because they steal from young aspiring business people

    • capability green 16 Nov 16 at 5:37 pm #

      I had a terrible time with Regus. they made mistakes with my invoicing leaving me very confused and they took money they should not have from my account last year over one thousand pounds and it took months to get it paid back. This was because duplicate accounts had been made up i guess to make the sales look good but made the other account look in arrears so they took the ‘arrears’ which of course was not owed. When finally choosing to terminate my contract as the room i used was sold and the replacement given without warning was unsuitable for the client base i have i was charged the full three months notice! even though it was not my fault or choice.
      I now rent on as required basis but it appears the cost go up without warning.
      The staff are excellent in the centre its the ethos of the company i have issue with.
      the person who helped me was the person below however to be honest although helpful clearing up the mess she still very much has her hands tied as to how much she can help. but she was always responsive and at least a human voice and listened to my issues.

      Karen Goodwin
      UK Customer Service Manager

      Quatro House
      Lyon Way
      Frimley Road
      Camberley, GU16 7ER

  2. Saz 31 Aug 10 at 6:04 pm #

    Glad I stumbled on this post! I was looking for an office..primarily to dump my stuff and work away from home. The charming Regus area manager said try it for 3 months and if you dont like it, then walk away. 3 months I did, and now I have to pay an extra 3 months as part of their T&Cs…for forwarding mail and any visitors. £700 to send me my mail? I live behind the building and have no visitors!! To think I was going to go with Abbey! I wonder if I can escape paying this..any advice?

    • admin 1 Sep 10 at 9:00 am #

      Hello Saz

      You can’t, of course, escape paying for a service for which you have contracted and which they have delivered. You could argue that you were misled about the terms, notably the notice period, and see what they say. In my experience, Regus fall back on robotic repetition of the 3 months’ notice thing regardless of actual circumstance. If you were confident that they promised you a fixed 3 month trial it might be worth threatening a small claims court action for recovery of the excess charge – if they have any sense they’ll settle, but not sure if they are sensible or organised enough.

      £700 is certainly a lot to pay for mail forwarding. If you don’t need to host clients or a ‘good’ address, a PO Box number or mail forwarding from a company specialising in that (such as a firm providing company registration and regsitered office services) would be much cheaper. Don’t have any recommendations, so Google is your friend. Good luck!

    • Marcos Caceres 15 Sep 12 at 9:05 pm #

      I just got bitten by the same B**S**T! I got a surprise invoice after I left for EU600 for “Business Continuity Service Initial Fee”. When I asked WTF that is, they told me it was for “forwarding calls and mail”. They then told me condescendingly “well, it was in the contract” :/ Crazy thing is, I never even had a phone set up with them or never gave out their address as my business address. I’m hopeful to get my money back, but this absolutely ruined my Regus experience (which was otherwise ok).

      I will never recommend Regus to anyone after this.

  3. John 10 Sep 10 at 10:07 pm #

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  4. Rupert 26 Oct 10 at 6:53 pm #

    Regus are pain to deal with, I would not recommend their services to anyone – but also dominate the market.

    Their back office/customer service is appalling – we have to have a separate account for: Gold Card Holder 1, Gold Card Holder 2,Gold Card Holder 3,Mail Forwarding and one more for Meeting Room bookings – there system is not capable of creating a single account. They are unable to reproduce an invoice unless you contact the location in question. I’m currently fighting a room booking where I’ve been charged twice (at two completely different rates) and any dispute takes months to solve. Our bookkeeper is fighting another battle over cancelled services which they forgot were cancelled…The list goes on…

    As a final note, many of their contracts are annual auto-renew and you have to give 3 months notice – so potentially you can be stuck with an unwanted service for 14 months.

    • Sihwa 7 Jul 11 at 3:15 pm #

      What’s the gold card holder?

  5. Allan Edun 10 Nov 10 at 2:10 pm #

    Could you let me have the name and number of the service director who sorted out your problem. We have been having that same level of service and are now on threat of disconnection. EVEN though we have consistently been over charges by Regus.


  6. Kevin Holdridge 10 Nov 10 at 10:59 pm #

    Hi Allan. It was:

    Suzanne Jackson
    Customer Service Director
    Forsyth House
    Cromac Square
    BT2 8LA
    Tel: +44 2890 511418

    Good luck!

    Web design, SEO, online marketing
    Event management software

    • Katrina 23 Oct 15 at 5:40 pm #

      I would just like to say thank you. I have moved into a Regus office in July of this year and have been having nothing but trouble. All invoices have been wrong and no matter how much I have tried to have the situation rectified they have continued to be wrong and incurring additional costs each month.
      This month they took almost £800 from my daughters personal bank account without authority even though the amount was in dispute. To be perfectly honest I was on the verge of taking Regus to small claims court as I could see no other option.
      I felt the ‘sales person’ Matthew Bird GM Regus Chelmsford had given a total false account of what I would be charged for. I was taking steps for Misrepresentation in a small claims court, and then I read your blog.
      I contacted Suzanne Jackson on the number you provided and within 2 hrs every complaint was rectified, money refunded, terms and conditions agreed. She was efficient, helpful, knew what she was talking about and for the first time since signing the contract I feel I can finally move forward with the company.

      I would not recommend the company to anyone looking for office space. I would advise anyone to think very carefully before entering into a contract with them.

      However, I can not fault Suzanne Jackson. I would suggest to everyone if you are having problems with Regus, which I imagine most people are, you contact Suzanne Jackson. She knows her stuff, can access all Regus systems and is more than willing to help sort problems.

      Regus is very very fortunate to have such a helpful loyal employee. I sincerely hope she is valued as an employee more than I have felt as a customer over the previous months.

      Thanks again Kevin and thanks Suzanne

  7. Allan Edun 22 Nov 10 at 10:47 am #

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for that. Last Friday i decided to try and fine Regus people on linkedin. I found a number of them in the uk and dropped them all a line.
    Guess what? The social media manager picked it up right away and called Suzanne. she promised to get in touch within the hour and did exactly that. By the end of Friday all was sorted out and Suzanne arrange for a month free for our inconvenience. Hats off to super customer service even if it did need me to try different angles to get noticed.
    I think Regus people in the centers should get more supervision or training.

    Thank again,

    • Kevin Holdridge 14 Dec 10 at 1:46 pm #

      Hi Allan. Great that you got a result, and thanks for the update. Suzanne does seem very switched on, and it really is such a shame that people have to go through such trials to reach somebody of that calibre and with a problem resolution remit within the company. Shameless plug here … I’m particularly pleased that you got such success through social media. An increasing part of our business nowadays at Kent House is advising clients on how businesses can use social networks effectively. It’s great to see a real life example of a company scanning social media to pick up intelligence and to effect service recovery and reputation management. Kind regards. Kevin

  8. Consultant Line Architects Ltd 3 Dec 10 at 11:17 pm #

    We have similar dissatisfaction with Regus. We have taken a shared office space for fixed 3 months period. After one month, they asked us to give two month notice if we would like to leave after the 3 months contract. After we did, we have been asked to pay what they call it a Business Continuity Fee which is around 80% of the rent for a further 3 months. It meant that we will end up paying for around 6 months’ rent for 3 months contract. They claim this service is for handling our mail and telephone calls after we leave. We explained that we have our own answering system with 0800 and they should not receive any calls. We also use our Po Box and the Royal mail diversion. Their contract and their terms and conditions do not include this fee but a clause refereeing to a fee in their house rules which they don’t give until you move in. There is also an exclusion paragraph indicating that this fee should not apply if there are no calls, mails, etc. However, they added this fee as soon as we gave them the notice. We have so many attempts to resolve the issue with them. We simply ended leaving the centre after one month only. Not to mention their invoices included errors and duplications. The dispute is ongoing. After taking legal advice, we will be starting a legal action next week. Let the court decide if this is normal and fair contract term so we can learn as a business.

    • Gordon 23 Sep 11 at 5:16 pm #

      I am now in a similar situation to yourselves and am considering taking legal action regarding this so called “business contiuity” fee.

      Is there any way you could let us know how successful your legal action was?

  9. Michael Gordon 14 Dec 10 at 12:41 pm #

    whilst trying to find out who is the Legal Director of Regus after
    months of trying to establish what happened to our mail – have stumbled upon these comments. We are not alone!
    Our problem is somewhat ‘after the event’ in that we terminated with Regus in August disgruntled with lack of care, requesting that any mail be forwarded on to new address and we shall pay the costs accordingly. – offer was refused resulting in no mail from
    August to now 15 Dec 2010. Regus refuse to sign our declaration that any mail arriving in our name is passed safely back to Royal Mail to deal with. Why is this?
    Further Royal Mail have since confirmed that no mail has been handed back to their knowledge’ We are extremely concerned that something is
    wrong that no-one at Regus can honourably declare that our property is not thrown in the trash can but rather correctly handed back.
    Any thoughts or similar experience?

    Our clients since based 11 years with Regus are predominantly overseas and impossible to contact all persons after so many years.

    and this has been a most distressing matter to have mail missing
    We have written to the CEO 3 times who writes on facebook, we maintain a ‘tight ship’ but this gentleman refuses to acknowledge our plight and as founder of the service to support small businesses it is really astonishing
    Has anyone experienced such behaviour and any suggestions –
    For the record, Royal Mail was unable to offer redirection as with so many companies under Regus banner in the building they are unable to sort out one company from the other – is this anyone else’s experience?
    We sympathise with the experiences of the above comments.

    • Kevin Holdridge 14 Dec 10 at 1:38 pm #

      Sorry to hear of your difficulties, Michael. That all sounds very distressing. I can’t comment about the situation with Regus, but I am surprised at the response from Royal Mail regarding redirection. Their redirection application form asks for the business name and asks you to identify: “Names of any subsidiary organisations at the same address whose mail needs redirecting – remember we make a charge for each name”. That suggests that they have no problem separating mail for individual businesses and taking no action in respect of redirecting mail where the organisation name doesn’t exactly match the one(s) specified. Is it worth approaching Royal Mail again? Good luck.

      Web design, SEO, online marketing
      Event management software

      • Michael Gordon 16 Dec 10 at 1:22 pm #

        thanks for your response – I guess nothing to lose by doing that again – let’s see….

  10. john simons ltd 7 Jan 11 at 8:12 am #

    Having signed a 12 month contract with regus in Oct 2010 , we had looked to expand to a bigger office . we managed to sign a contract for an office a few doors down to vacate it on the begining of Dec . we started hiring staff through recruitment agencies and im sure everyone knows what charges are involved . we spent almaost £30,000 in recruitment charge to find out 2 days prior to vacating that the new office, had been sold 3 times over and that we could not move in. we tried to talk to the staff and sales person who sold us this office and they had no care in the world of what we had spent to expand . we started to make a fuss and they promised us another office so we started to place all our office furniture in the hall way hoping to move into an office so that our newly recruited staff could work . well to our suprise they left us in the hall way for 5 hours to then find out we couldnt move again . we had to let the staff go because we simply didnt have the space required. having lost 2 days of work and £30000 we are now taking regus to court for negligence for almost £43000 of damages caused . they still had the front to come and ask for rent money on top . KEEP OUT OF REGUS EVERYONE

  11. john simons ltd 7 Jan 11 at 8:55 am #

    Due to my recent comment, we have now managed to get the attention of media newspapers and conducting an interview with them to express how small businesses like mine are suffering in the hands of big companies i.e REGUS . having served the judgement we intend to hold a petition to wind up regus if they dont pay my costs . we also hold the names and addresses of all the directors , should anyone require them please email me on and i shall forward them on to you

  12. john simons ltd 11 Jan 11 at 10:00 am #

    To whoever views this : after viewing this web blog , i made contact with suzzane on the number given above . Suzanne listened and understood what we were going through and she worked hard to put it striaght for us . She is No 1 ! brilliant ! if all regus staff were like suzzane, then im 100% sure regus would have far less problems.she solved my problem and then asked if there was anything else she could help me with .where all the other regus staff just ignored everything. A BIG thank you to suzzane .

  13. tony 18 Apr 11 at 8:58 am #

    After using Regus for over a year( despite their poor service) I gave the required 2 month notice to terminate the agreement. It turns out that the required notice period is actually 5 months on a 3 month auto renewal contract! Watch out for the fine print cause they have put in some ambiguous terms that they and their collection dept can interpret to their convenience….

  14. Luke 22 Jun 11 at 10:25 am #

    I was looking around for a place to house myself in Kent and was astounded at the small print and ways they lock you in. very nice to you to get your business but not very good afterwards going by these threads.

  15. Paula 28 Jul 11 at 12:18 pm #

    Regus are the very worst company of this type in the market today. I am going to court to fight a charge that they imposed on me for virtual office services that I cancelled within the time allowed. Dreadful company and I would recomend avoiding them like the plague!

  16. Sarah 25 Aug 11 at 3:27 pm #

    So glad I found this post. I’m having enormous problems with Regus. I don’t normally complain about companies online but they have wasted so much of my time that I feel compelled to alert others to their dreadful attitude towards their customers.

    My issues include failure to cancel a service, even after the appropriate notice was given, over-charging for meeting room bookings and wrongly setting up my online account so that I couldn’t even book the facilities I had paid for.

    I will be contacting Suzanne…

  17. Michal 28 Aug 11 at 4:07 pm #


    I have been with them for 5 years despite the first few months full of undelivered letters, miscomunication and stolen packages. They got their things straight after my numerous complains hence the overall time spent with them.

    However, after 5 years it was time to move on. My initial contract was for a year (better price), then it just rolled over on (as I thought) monthly basis. Turned out they have a auto-renewal policy that treats they loyal customers as shit. They require 3 month notice that, if not met, renews the contract for another 12 months. They never send you letters or call you about your contract coming to an end, they keep quiet and shady waiting for you to roll over.

    Basically, if you do not give them 3 months notice, you effectively get at least 15 months worth of paying for their useless service left.


  18. chris johnstone 1 Sep 11 at 6:47 pm #

    hello i am a regus customer i have been paying through a pos transaction however i have filled a dd mandadate which got lost by them i asked to cancel 2 months ago they lost that now i am being told to cancel my vitrial office it is 3 months payment

    this office is in liverpool city center so it looks like it all the offices that have the same problems.

    with me speaking to mary and josh from regus and johnathan who set it up saying i am canceling over two moths ago am i right in saying i am no longer in contract ????

    feel free to email me on

  19. Josh 9 Sep 11 at 6:48 pm #

    Regus is awful to deal with, I would never work with them again. I signed up for their service in Grand Rapids, MI. Months of no letter forwarding and a missed renewal deadline, and I’m stuck with them for another six months.

    Never sign up with services from Regus.

  20. Sara 13 Feb 12 at 4:45 pm #

    Excuse my grammatical errors and mistypes, I’m so angry and frustrated.


  21. Gabriel Gonzalez 15 Feb 12 at 9:29 am #

    Hi Sara

    I work for Regus, and I would like to get customer services to look into the issues you pointed out. Would it be possible to have the centre name/location and your company name?

    If you prefer to provide these details privately, you can send them here when you do so, please ensure you include the reference number SMC00515. That way, customer services can keep an eye out for your details.

    • Karl 22 Mar 13 at 2:11 am #

      Avoid Regus like the plague the most dodgy company you’ll ever do business with. They don’t forward email, they charge you the whole time, try to rip you off at every opportunity, use your credit card details when they say they’ve deleted them – all out crooks

  22. Simon 2 Mar 12 at 2:43 pm #

    We have used Regus’ services for a few years and over a few locations. We have finally had enough of their disgraceful attitude and absolutely hopeless organisation. I wonder if they have ever been reported to the office of fair trading? It is definitely our intention to cut all ties and to NEVER use them again. I would strongly recommend any potential customer of theirs to read all of these blogs. We can’t all be wrong.

  23. SP 6 Mar 12 at 6:01 pm #

    I have been in a on of there offices in London for about a year in a half, in that time we have never had the lifts working correctly, (they just stop working, people get stuck in them all the time, when this happens it can take over 1.5 hours for a tech to come out and free you, and there is no working phones in the lift so if you do get stuck you better have your mobile phone on you or you are spending the night), we have also had no water (and no flushing toilets) for over 2 weeks at one stage, (thank god McDonalds’ was only down the road) internet has been turned off during the day with no notice to anyone in the building, no cups, spoons, forks, in the tea rooms, the list go on…. While I understand that things can go wrong it’s the altitude of “shrug the shoulders” I cant stand, the no communication with any of their clients in buildings about what happening and when things will fixed, and do you think we get anything off our bill for the inconvenience for any or all of the above?

  24. Gabriel Gonzalez 7 Mar 12 at 3:19 pm #

    Hi SP

    I work for Regus customer service – we’re really keen to investigate this issue. Could you give us your details and tell us which Regus centre has been having these problems?

    If you prefer to provide these details privately, you can send them . When you do so, please ensure you include the reference number SMC00526. That way, I’ll be able to tell it was you, and get straight onto it.

  25. Danna Milo 16 Apr 12 at 10:41 pm #

    Thank you ever so for you post.Really thank you! Cool.

  26. Jon 30 Jul 12 at 5:57 pm #

    Regus Ltd defraud tenants in the UK. Are Regus UK in trouble ?


    Today, 30.07.2012. The Regus tenants of 1000 Great West Rd, Brentford, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW8 8, UK are locked out of their business offices with no notice. Regus has defaulted on the rent to the main freehold landlord. The Regus tenants have NO access to their offices to run their business. The bailiffs have blocked access. The tenants have their livelihoods at stake, Regus has known they would not meet the rent for months and have not told their tenants. Do not trust Regus Ltd UK. There are warnings everywhere on the web. Mark Dixon is the CEO, Google his name.


    Just a few links, there are many more …

  27. deniz ozyurt 26 Aug 12 at 11:56 pm #

    About ripoff regus
    I had a 6 month contract with regus i gave them notice 3 months ago they accept my cancelation notice, i paid all charges i also paid 2 month in advance at the begining as retain,now they send me a new bill contiunty something like that amount that will melt my retain firstly i have to pay this unfair charge no one tell me about then they keep my retain another month to pay me back
    Firstly what is this charge i havent been informed they charge for period until december 2012 my contract end in september 2012
    or do i have to call myself lucky they are not going to keep charging me forever!!
    Any advice about ripoff regus??

    Deniz ozyurt

  28. someone 3 Sep 12 at 10:04 pm #

    if enough people complain to the merchant account issuer their continuous authority status will be removed

  29. Kojo 21 Sep 12 at 12:19 am #

    Great BLOG… looking for a virtual office as a start up and it appears REGUS is certainly NOT the way to go.

    Any good alternatives? Did anyone try

  30. jonathan moulton 21 Sep 12 at 6:33 pm #

    My name is Jonathan Moulton, I am the owner of the company Harper Reid Ltd. In July this year I signed an agreement with Regus Brighton to rent an office for 6 months with the agreement starting on the 1st August. The arrangement was that the first DD (£748) would be taken from my account on the 25/07 to cover deposit and first months rent. This did not happen and I subsequently notified Regus of this, I received a reply from Melanie Challis saying they had processed paper work too late and the DD was missed. Melanie asked if I could make a manual payment. Before I was able to this I had an injury that left me in hospital and unable to walk, I emailed Melanie straightaway to inform her of this and she said no problem and to do it when I can. Once I was able to walk again I emailed her and asked for the bank details but did not receive a reply. I emailed several more times but still no reply.

    I then received a call on the 24th August from Regus debt team saying I was in debt and had faulted on my payment. I informed them the paper work I signed was set up for a DD and I had tried to make a manual payment but my mails went unanswered. They apologised and the initial payment of £748 was taken along with £556.78 to cover September within 48 hours. I then went on holiday and upon my return was looking forward to moving into my office on the 7th September which I presumed would be ready as Regus had taken £1304 from my account. I emailed Mel saying I would be coming in, I then promptly received a phone call from Paul Lewendon – Brighton General Manager saying because I had defaulted with my account they had sold my office on. I quickly explained the above and sent several email trails which verified I had paid £1304. He told me Melanie had left several weeks ago, nice of Regus to inform me my supposed ‘Account Manager’ I had left.

    Paul was very embarrassed and told me my full funds would be returned within 3 days and we could set a new agreement up, I told him my house is having serious building work and I cannot work from home and I need to be in the office by Monday the 10th. He said he could not offer anything until 1st October and the only space he had would be to use a meeting room of 80sq ft, down from the previously agreed 100sq ft, quite a considerable size difference when considering it is 20% less. I negotiated a month free rent and agreed to pay a deposit of £346 when funds were returned in 3 days, to move in on October the 1st and my fist payment would to be on October 25th. My money was not in my account after three days, I was then informed it could be 10 days, I thought this was unacceptable considering Regus took the money within 3 days so why couldn’t they return it in three days.

    A week passed and Paul Lewenden said that the amount being processed appeared to be approx £1100 and he needed to amend this to the correct amount of £1304. It has now been over two weeks and I have no confirmation on when my money will be returned, not even an approximate date. Paul has tried to be helpful at times but after saying he would get back to me immediately on Tuesday I did not hear anything from him until Thursday morning, only after an email I sent Wednesday night saying I would come to the office personally. I spoke with Paul on Thursday and the only update he can provide is that it is being processed, what does being processed mean? It has been processing for two weeks. Through his own admission the accounts team based in Manila do not return his mails and he cannot offer any further advice or help.

    I have been appalled with my experience, what sort of company sells you a service, takes your money for it, then sells your service to someone else so you can’t use it and then cannot give you an answer for two weeks on when you will receive your money back. I run a business and I look at this situation that if I treated a paying client like this why the hell would they want to work with me. On this basis I have terminated all agreements with Regus which Paul has confirmed and requested a full refund of £1304 with immediate effect. No surprises it has not been with immediate effect, nor any further update, nor a reply from the customer services team.

    Compensation was offered to the value of one months free rent – £400 without VAT. I am sure you will agree from reading the above my situation warrants compensation and considering I will not be a Regus customer this should come in form of a financial means. I was initially happy with the month free rent equating to £400 based on my funds being returned within 3 days and a new agreement being signed. However the occurrences over the last two weeks have caused considerable loss of work as I have not been able to use an office at Regus or rent elsewhere due to not having returned funds to do so, not to mention the stress and consumption of my time. I therefore will be taking legal action to pursue a higher level of compensation.
    I had high hopes for renting office space with Regus and was impressed with the facilities you offer, I intend to grow my business to 5 over the next 12 months and was intending to do so with Regus.

    Today I spoke with a BBC representative who informed me that it would be worthwhile sending the above information to the Watchdog team for consideration. I have email trails, contracts and bank balances to support all of the above. I am also a great user of social media and intend to post my story on LinkedIn to my 12000 global connections reaching a combined network of over 60 million. I will be requesting people to ‘like’ my story so it remains at the top of the networks updates. I am also a member of many LinkedIn business groups and will be posting my story in full here.

    • Regus Complaint 31 Oct 13 at 7:59 pm #

      Hi Jonathan
      I was wondering if you had any joy with the BBC Watchdog.
      As I am too small to warrant any high ranking attention I turned to the web and created a new website called which I hope will become a central hub for people who want to warn or share their unwanted experiences to the world.
      Please share this link and perhaps you can add your story there too?
      Regus Complaints

  31. Jessica 8 Nov 12 at 1:49 pm #

    I am a client within Regus, and although they can be frustrating at times due to their IT and Telcoms mainly being handled abroad, I’ve found my in-centre staff wonderful. They are always forthcoming with advice and information, and keep me constantly updated when I raise any queries.

    I would like to point out something here, the majority of you seem to be complaining about Business Continuity Fees and the renewal of your contracts.

    Both these points are explained and written out in your contracts. They can’t hold you to anything that isn’t stated in the contracts. If you’re all saying you have no idea about these terms, what are you doing signing a contract?!

    I fully understand being annoyed and disappointed at the lack of customer service some of you have received, it is unfortunate you’ve not had the level of care that they seem to offer within my Regus, however, I don’t see how any of you can stand there, acting so put out, when the bottom line is…’ve not read a contract you’ve signed your name on.

    Note from Kevin:

    Hey Jessica. Thanks for the comment. I’m not quite sure how “I am a client within Regus” squares with you being apparently a “customer service representative at Regus” (see LinkedIn screenshot below)? I’m sure that your posting from hotmail rather than with a Regus address was because you were commenting in a personal capacity rather than being an attempt at misrepresentation? That’s right, isn’t it? Maybe under the circumstances, telling all these business owners that they are stupid isn’t the best way to rescue Regus’ reputation. Just sayin’.

    Jessica Hilton Regus

    • Karl 22 Mar 13 at 2:15 am #

      Well quite simple, you hide it in the small print clauses and then ignore any requests to cancel the contract even in the 7 day period.

  32. Sol 21 Dec 12 at 1:11 pm #

    Hey Kevin, nice blog!

    I am glad that I came across this “Regus” blog post, whilst searching for adverse feedback about Regus. Prior to reading this post, I was looking rent a VO at one of Regus’s prestige London addresses. However, after hearing about so many bad experiences, I am searching elsewhere.

    Does anyone reading this blog know of any alternative Virtual Office spaces in prime locations within London (St.James, Mayfair etc.,).? Please leave a post here if you do.

    One final word. Regus should employ some sharper people. You detective work exposing client/customer service rep Jessica is hilarious… lol

    • Kevin Holdridge 21 Dec 12 at 1:19 pm #

      Thanks for your feedback Sol! I know there are plenty of alternatives to Regus. For what it’s worth we now use The Office Group The Office Group and have been extremely happy with them. After our earlier experiences we did a lot of due diligence – checked out the staff, talked to other tenants, etc. Everyone was positive, and we’ve had a good experience over last year or two. They do have addresses in the locations you’ve mentioned. Best wishes. Kevin

  33. Sol 21 Dec 12 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your quick reply. Sorry about the typos in my post, I have just noticed them.

    I will certainly check out The Office Group.



  34. Susan Grossey 6 Mar 13 at 5:28 pm #

    Just to warn you all about an associated Regus problem. I booked and paid for a room at their Gatwick premises for an all-day meeting later this month. Two days ago I had an email from them saying that they’ve sold the room as an office, and my booking is therefore cancelled. They have sent a refund, but now I have two clients flying in for a meeting that we will have to hold in McDonald’s or somewhere!

    It seems that Regus thinks that cancelling a room at whatever notice suits them can be resolved simply by sending a refund. This is the first time I have ever used Regus, so you’d think their system would flag up that I am a new customer, to be impressed. No such luck.

    So DON’T TRUST THEM WITH A BOOKING – you never know when they are just going to cancel it.

  35. David 10 Mar 13 at 11:39 pm #

    Here in the US we went from getting mailed invoices each month, to emailed invoices each month, to magically not getting any invoices at all. I have been a Regus client for over a decade and when they moved billing out of the local office and to their central Dallas location, service went in the tank.

    Since the first of the year, we and others (confirmed with our office manager) are no longer getting invoices but we do get threatening emails and $40 late fees when we start asking for copies of invoices. Their accounts receivable portal is titled “e-dunning.” You would think that an English company would know the meaning of words in the English language and not create a payment portal with a name that calls their clients dead beats.

    If I didn’t have 10 years invested in the mailing address, I would flip them the fickle finger of fate.

  36. Karl 22 Mar 13 at 2:27 am #

    I have been charged twice by regus this month in the first month of my contract. I told them to delete my credit card. They said they’d do it. Then I got charged again three days later with another payment that is not authorized. Anyway I want out of the contract. Can anyone give me a template letter to deal with this before I have to get the big lawyers in? I have no problem calling the big guns in and spending whatever if takes to make the point if needed but someone must have been through this or something similiar before. Thank you

    • Billy 17 May 13 at 5:31 am #

      Just file a money claim online for breach if contract, we had the same problem not only did they overcharge for the 1st month, but we dident even want the service, as it was cancelled within 24 hours

  37. Karl 22 Mar 13 at 6:22 pm #

    Spoke to Suzanne and it appears the problem will be sorted out. What a nice lady!

  38. Mark 3 Apr 13 at 3:16 pm #


    Just wondering if anyone has up-to-date contact details for Suzanne Jackson please. Would be most appreciated.

  39. itsa secret 15 Oct 13 at 2:56 pm #

    I look after my employers CRE on a global basis. We have a Global contract with regus but on renewals we are charged upto 30% more than the local companies even though our spend is in excess of 1million USD. If you try to work with Regus on a globa account its not purchasing or facilities friendly. Too much hard work and no buying power. My experience is wind up the offices as and when you can to find alternative providers. The account directors are poor, and thats being polite. Wouldn’t do business with them and winding it up as we speak.

  40. Steve 15 Nov 13 at 2:57 pm #

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for posting this blog. I was about to enter a contract with Regus, but after reading all the entries, well, I’ll now decline their offer. Incidently, Regus do seem very persistent, aka, desperate to get their mitts on other folk’s money.
    The whole thing strikes me as treacherous and unsavoury. Shame the authorities can’t or won’t take a firmer hand with this sort of thing.
    Anyway, thank for pointing out what amounts to yet another scam to boost those already in the Hall of Shame.

  41. Xi Le 2 Jan 14 at 8:22 pm #

    Regus offices-10 warning signs BEFORE you sign

    1. Give notice that you will vacate at the end of your lease as soon as you sign up, by certified mail. The leases require 3 months’ notice prior to termination, or the lease is automatically renewed. This caught many tenants unaware. Regus denied receiving our notice until we produced the certified receipt.
    2. Only use a disposable credit card for Regus payments, perhaps a Walmart prepaid card. They erroneously double billed us, taking the money from the card, then correcting the overbilling later—much later. Every single billing error benefitted Regus. Check to see if you can just prepay, because billing hassles are guaranteed.
    3. Listen carefully when in your office. The temp offices are randomly assigned. Many lack acoustical privacy. In one office I clearly heard a woman provide her social security number and date of birth to a credit repair specialist through the walls in the next office. I told Regus in writing, but nothing was done.
    4. Check to see if you will be given an office key. Many Regus temp office can be locked, but you are not given a key. Carrying your laptop to the restroom is wearisome. If Motel 6 can give each guest a key to their room, why not Regus?
    5. The Regus phone system is state of the art. The transmission of voice mail to your e-mail address is especially useful. Conference calls are easy. But be careful to sterilize you phone when you leave, deleting and overstriking the careful record the phone receiver keeps of your calls made, missed, and received.
    6. Speaking of sterilization, you need to carry hand wipes to sterilize the phone receiver and touch surfaces. It’s a public phone.
    7. Never, ever, dial your bank or credit card company and enter your passwords by phone.
    8. Observe where the phones are answered. Are people sitting in the lobby hearing your call screens? Usually Regus has an open reception area where the phones are answered.
    9. Never, ever, get your mail delivered to Regus. Get a post office box instead. The Internet is easy to access, but is not secure. Not even close.
    10. Do not use the Regus phone number as a primary phone number. Regus threatened to disconnect our Regus phone that day for rent that had already been paid and cleared the bank account. Just have calls forwarded to the Regus number instead.
    Find out if your contacts are using Regus offices before disclosing confidential matters.

  42. G Hunt 21 Mar 14 at 5:28 pm #

    I stupidly signed up to an Edinburgh Regus online office agreement for nothing more than a method to have my trading address not associated with my home address (to avoid problems with my home’s tenancy contract). All I needed was (1) an address and (2) a mailbox service… nothing complicated.

    I found out 3 months later I could happily achieve this with onward redirection a PO Box redirection service at a fraction of the price.

    I could list all my complaints… and there’s lots trust me… but will avoid it here because I’m still trying to negotiate my way out of my contract. Today after waiting 3 months from a written notice of termination I was told due to the confusingly-written small print I’m locked into a contract I don’t want for another 6 months.

    In short I would never recommend this company to anyone. As a Chartered Surveyor of over 15 years international experience I hope people reading this take serious note of my warning. Should anyone from Regus be reading this and want to want to contact me, please feel free… I am completely frustrated with the overpriced “service” I’ve had and want your involvement with my company ended immediately.

  43. Josh 3 Apr 14 at 5:18 pm #

    you should rename this from regus hall of shame to regus review. That way you might beat them out on their trust pilot review.

    I flagged there shill comments / reviews but trust pilot just accepted the order IDs from the company. What a pile of shit trust pilot is, obviously is a business and not a company but of course a company can provide shill order ids for itself.

  44. GB 16 Sep 14 at 10:54 am #

    I wish I had seen this first.

    I signed up for their mail forwarding virtual office service as the location is very close to my home address. Agreed a price on the monthly fee and waiver of the registration fees. I also agreed that I could use the address as my registered office with companies house.

    The agreement showed the registration fee still in place, but also had notes saying it was to be waived. I called the saleswoman to double check and was told it was there for “legal” reasons but would definitely not be charged.

    After sign up I received two invoices still including this fee. Also I realised they hadn’t asked me for a direct debit mandate so wanted to make sure they hadn’t taken a credit card mandate instead. Again I was assured a credit was raised against the fee so I wouldn’t be billed and once the contract had started they would amend payment details, removing my card details and replacing them with a direct debit mandate.

    I checked my credit card and sure enough the sums for both invoices had been held against my card, without any adjustment for the credit note that had apparently been raised. By now alarm bells were ringing so I went through the terms again and noticed they actually state the address can’t be used as a registered office address.

    This all happened within hours and before the agreement was due to take effect so I asked the saleswoman to cancel the order. I was told she would check with head office. I’ve tried their customer services who keep directing me back to the local centre. The local centre says they need to check with head office. And all the time I’m stuck in limbo as I can’t setup my company without knowing which address I’ll be using.

    Quite clearly given they can’t even get the first bill correct and the agreement with the saleswoman (confirmed by email) conflicts with the terms and conditions I have little confidence in trusting them to be the address for my new company.

    Does anyone have a recent number for Suzanne as when I called that number someone else answered and I was directed to customer services who directed me to the centre as all accounts are dealt with at the local centre now. But the local centre tells me it has to go to head office. I get the distinct impression they are fobbing me off until the contract is under way and this will turn in to a war of attrition. The last thing I need when in the process of setting up a new business.

  45. JChan 24 Sep 14 at 10:30 am #


    Regus clearly haven’t changed their ways and mis sell their services.

    Not only do they say that you need to provide 3 months notice for termination of the contract but now they say if you don’t do it before the term of the contract then you automatically renew for another period. In my case it is another 18 months.

    This might be fine contractually however they mis-sold the agreement to me as I said I wanted a fixed period to which I prepaid it.

  46. Afshin K 25 Sep 14 at 9:56 pm #

    We had an equally bad experience. We took out a regus office in November last year and at the time the Heathrow Regional Manager, William Painter made many promises and pretended to be helpful in order to get the business.

    We are an IT startup and was looking to Regus for flexibility and efficiency and to be able to keep an eye on cash flow at the early stages. We were wrong on all accounts

    Several stealth charges started to appear very quickly that we never agreed. I was even charged for late payment which was actually due to the inability of a member of staff to enter my bank details into their system Despite her agreeing to this I still have not been reimbursed.

    Charges kept going up every 3 months and I kept speaking with the general manager Matthew Chapman and william painter both of whom promised they would look into it and gave the impression that it will be sorted.

    7 months went by and nothing and after my persistence I was finally given a response. Nothing cane done. You will not be reimbursed and we do not accept any responsibility, not even for taking so long to come back to me.

    I asked to be released of the notice period as they have put me in a very difficult situation but nothing was down. I was dismissed every time. Even the late payment charges were not retuned.

    I gave notice and terminated the contract as we were now in a difficult cash flow situation. After termination two more payments went out causing us many issues. This is despite many assurances from Matthew Chapman that he will personally make sure it would not happen as he was aware of the problems they caused us.

    I then called customer services a week ago and was told to email in. I did this and have not heard anything back.

    After reading these forums I realise many other people have the same issues. Underhanded tactics, extremely bad customer service, no regard for the suffering they cause and the time they waist. We wanted the convenience of Regus to be able to focus on our business instead here I am spending time in these forums trying to warn others.

    This can’t be a good business model for Regus. As things stand I am out of pocket over £3500 and for a small business at the early stages every penny counts.

    Before anyone from Regus tells me to write in please note I have already done so and heard nothing back.

    Anyone considering Regus – look elsewhere or if you absolutely have to go with Regus, read the terms very carefully. Don’t trust them and do to pay by Direct Debit as it will never stop.

    Disappointing as I was hoping to be with them for the long haul

  47. Regus V O Customer 5 Apr 15 at 12:06 pm #

    We signed up to the Virtual Office service in April 2011. We were happy to pay separately for the rest of April as well as a Security Deposit and then start a rolling 12 month contract starting 1 May which would be automatically renewed. We also understood we needed to provide 3 months notice before auto-renewal to cancel our contract.

    According to our own calculations, our contract periods were 1 May – 30 April.

    In mid January 2015 we decided to cancel our Virtual Office contract in accordance with Regus’ own contract terms, providing 3 months notice. Imagine our surprise, therefore, when Regus stated that our 12 month rolling contract was in fact a 13 month rolling contract. No one had ever suggested this to us before, and our invoices – arriving like clockwork every month – certainly did not state so.

    Upon questioning this, we were told that Regus could interpret its own contract this way and round up or down periods but apparently did not have to inform us about this practice. The fact that Regus consistently referred to our contract as a 12 month contract made no difference. In their view, therefore, the present period started on 1 July 2014 and ends on 31 July 2015.

    We insisted that we would need to have been informed of such an unusual contract term. Regus responded by furnishing their own internal records indicating our contract term is 13 months, rather than 12. We obviously never had access to these internal records.

    We’ve also asked repeatedly about how our Security Deposit will be refunded to us but have had no reply. The invoice states that the security deposit will be refunded no earlier than 60 days after the customer has ‘vacated the premises’ but clearly this does not apply to us. As we are Regus’ Virtual Office clients, we have no premises to vacate. This leads us to believe that Regus intends to keep our deposit and not return it.

  48. Neil Nolan 16 Apr 15 at 6:35 pm #

    I have been reading trust pilot and kevinholdridge blog back and forth, I can’t just be sure which one is funnier to read while being ripped by these blood sucker fruit(!) bats.

    Friends I should say you do better 🙂 thanks for all detailed info you share and thanks for this blog cause there seems to be no way but enlighting people in the first place not falling into this trap.

    I will be very soon sharing my story as well which I do not think it will add into any practical help but I have a provacative question:

    what if we just simply closed an account you are paying by direct debit?

    In the end, it is all about the sweet spot at cost between going into a court and paying rest. So statistics would be on their side to rip some money off, but not if you just simply stop paying and asking for them to go court this time they would have to figure out if this is viable or not.

    Would not you agree?

  49. Paul Roberts 22 Apr 15 at 5:45 pm #

    Regus have stolen money from my account and, although they have acknowledged in an email that they had no authority to take the money, are not returning it. I wish to issue proceedings but can’t establish which of the numerous Regus companies is responsible and Regus Customer Services are not telling me. The head office is the obvious choice but it is based in Jersey so that makes suing difficult. Any suggestions?

  50. Russell Thomas 15 Apr 16 at 2:09 pm #

    Regus Ballance Sheffield, UK – Unbelievable experience

    I would warn anyone about the issues we’ve had with Regus in Sheffield.

    We we’re initially given promises by the sales rep prior to signing the agreement which were purely to meet monthly sales targets within the building. We we’re assured of a monthly cost but beware there are many hidden costs which were only disclosed once the agreement was signed. We we’re told by the sales rep our monthly bill would be in the region of £750.00 but with hidden extras such as additional data charges the monthly cost was £1100.00 – £1200.00. Subsequently that sales person left the business.

    We also had tenants in the office next door who for 5 months played music full volume and shouted to each other during sales exercises for 2 hours every morning. We made several complaints but nothing was done about this. Regus are clearly incapable of enforcing their house rules. Initially before we signed up we asked on 2 occasions if we could view the office in the morning but we were told that it was only possible in the afternoon which was clearly down to the noise every morning.

    There were more than 5 incidents of people flying round the corridors on electric segway boards carrying hot drinks. Again little was done about this. On one incident we had clients nearly hit by someone flying down the corridor as they stepped out of the office door.

    The office cleaners come in to clean in the morning between 9-10 which disrupts the office during this time.

    The front desk receptionist failed to acknowledge our company existed in the building even though he had been told on many occasions. Even to the point of arguing with clients that our company was not in the building.

    Very poor customer service and lack of response to emails was very frustrating.

    Also beware of the auto-renewal as this caught us out. The reminder email comes through 3 months before the lease ends and then auto-renews for the same period again. Unfortunately the auto-renewal email had gone into a junk email folder and as a result we had missed it and were locked in for a further 6 months even though we have left the premises.

    We asked Regus for a show of good faith to see if there was any movement on the period of auto-renewal but there was nothing even after everything we had endured during this period.

    Being at the Regus office has affected relationships with our clients due to the various incidents and has affected productivity within the company.

    An extremely bad service overall.

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