Ante-room of Avarice: Adventures with Esure

[note: this posting prompted a response below from Esure, please read in context]

Motor insurance, eh? I made the mistake of ringing Esure today to let them know that I’d be having a courtesy car for the day while mine was in for servicing. For my pains, I earned 15 to 20 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold) while they passed me around. They put me through to the claims department at one point … “what was the date and time of the accident?”.  Finally, they asked me for £26 to insure the courtesy car for the day!

I asked them how that squared with the wording on my insurance certificate which clearly states that I am already covered under the policy: “the policyholder may also drive with the owner’s permission a motor car that they do not own and that is not hired or leased to them under a hire purchase or leasing arrangement”. They didn’t seem to think  that they were under any obligation to respect such irrelevancies as the terms of our contract. That doesn’t fill me with any confidence about how they would behave if I ever needed to claim on the policy.  Presumably, if I hadn’t bothered to call them as a courtesy and had had an accident, they would have then rejected the claim on the grounds that I wasn’t covered. Useful to know!

All credit to the team at Lexus Stoke who not only resisted the doubtless powerful urge to say as if to camera “calm down, dear, it’s only a breach of contract”, but who also kindly put the car on their own insurance at no charge to make up for the inconvenience caused by esure.

So, hoorah to Lexus and a great big raspberry to Esure. I’m sure they don’t care, but hell will freeze over before I insure through them again.  Here are more reviews of Esure – some unhappy customers there.


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  1. J Mcdaid 18 Feb 12 at 5:53 pm #

    Shame the same response can;t be found at Sheilas Wheels , a part of esure. I’m 3 weeks in and still waiting for my policy to be cancelled. Tried calling 3x and calls dropped every time, they never call back, tried calling back after latest call to get answerphone saying office was closed.

    Numerous emails, they have the info they need, they’ve had it more than once, after 18 minutes the guy I was talking to had still not cancel my policy. They are just trying to keep it going and then charge me extra weeks for still having at, and they want a cancellation fee now, no mention of that before.

    They have no social media presence whatsoever, maybe because they have too many unhappy customers?

    Apologies for hijacking your blog, they don’t have any of their own I can contact them on…..

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