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serpbuddy scam?

Bad experience to share with  I’ve been looking at alternatives to SEscout for tracking website rankings in search engines. Serpbuddy seemed interesting so I took a subscription. May as well have thrown my cash down the drain.  2 weeks later, my account is still not activated and there’s been no reply to my emails to support (naturally there’s no telephone number or physical address).

Had to cancel the subscription and write off the first month already paid.  Not really a biggy, but still money taken under false pretences and a time waster.  Has anybody had a better experience with this outfit? Not sure if it is a scam or they are just  lazy and don’t care.

Update 2 July 2012

Edging closer to the conclusion that this is a scam. Just been charged another USD15 today despite Serpbuddy having promised to sort it out two months ago.  That’s two payments taken without authority. Because these payments go through and then Paypal – both of which are as much use as a chocolate teapot when it comes to protecting you from unauthorised transactions for electronically delivered products – you have no route to obtain redress other than  through the supplier. Serpbuddy don’t offer a cancellation option on  the website, and they don’t seem to act on email instructions either.

 Update #2 2 July 2012

Looks like refunds sorted at last (no actual money yet, but credit notes sent from

This was the (abridged) reply from Darko at Serpbuddy:

“I understand your frustration, and that is why I just refunded the last two payments from you.
It seems that the problem was lack of communication and because of that I would like to offer you one month free of the package you were using.”

You will have to make your own judgment on whether to use this service!


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  1. matt 15 Apr 12 at 4:38 am #

    hey kevin, i’ve tried several rank trackers but many of them have horrible service. one that i actually liked was, i recommend you check them out.


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