Hall of Shame: Stoke City Council

Having worked over recent months with Hitex International Group, I find I’m nowadays taking more notice of road surfaces and markings than I ever used to. Possibly much more than might be considered ‘normal’ or healthy.

But even without my new-found nerdiness, I would have been horrified by the state of the new road surface opposite Stoke on Trent station.  God knows how much of Council Tax payers’ and Business Rates payers’ money went into this job. I know it was only done a few months ago, because I remember the enormous disruption to traffic it seemed to cause for an inordinate length of time. The paving is now subsided and cracked and looks a real mess. Josiah Wedgwood  – looking down on it from his plinth – must be turning in his teapot. And what a terrible impression this gives to people arriving in the City as soon as they come out of the railway station.

This is possibly not the Council’s finest hour.  It does raise questions about the specification, supervision, and contracting for  the works. Just as important, given the Council’s apparent desire to raise Stoke’s profile and reputation, why are they happy to leave things in this embarrassing condition?

Just sayin …

Josiah Wedgwood road repair broken-road-surface more-broken-roadsurface

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