Breaking News … Leaving the EU means European Conflagration Within Days

David Cameron’s desperation plumbed new depths today with his farcical attempt to link Brexit to war in Europe. Ironically, the cynical propagandist cobbling together of fearmongering and false representation of history could almost have come from of one of those dictatorial regimes we have actually had to fight against. Disreputable and unworthy of a democratic politician, and an insult to those generations which fought for their country and a better world.

Invoking the spirit of Churchill whilst apparently thinking it’s OK for reasons of party political expedience to offer the British people a referendum that you think risks a European war defies belief. Cameron, you have just blown away what little respect I ever had for you.

To say that the EU has prevented war since 1945 is jaw-droppingly and cynically disingenuous.  The universal horror at the outcome of WWII, the threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction, the Cold War’s effect on international relations, and the strength of NATO are the real reasons there was no significant European war until the collapse of the Soviet Union. I don’t recall the EU having any positive impact in preventing, mitigating, or ending the subsequent Balkans conflict. In fact, their inaction and paralysis prolonged it disgracefully until Blair, the US and NATO took action independently. The astonishingly inept handling of the refugee crisis by Merkel and the EU ‘leadership’ risks causing huge social unrest and encouraging the rise of fascist movements. The disgusting mistreatment of Greece has also contributed to the rise of the Right, and risks inter-state hostilities.  And the recent incompetent mishandling by the EU of the Ukraine crisis has brought that situation perilously close to world war.

Don’t worry, though, in true EU style nobody will ever be held answerable. We all distrust politicians and bureaucrats, but better the ones you know and can call to account.

The EU makes war LESS likely? Shome mishtake shurely?

Vote leave.


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