Antique Grandfather Clocks

I have worked with John Shone, proprietor of Antique Grandfather Clocks in Widnes for a decade. I even bought a clock from him myself! So I am happy to recommend his services if you are in the market for a clock of your own.

John has been in the business for more than 30 years and certainly knows his grandfather clocks.  Like many professionals, he has strong traditional values and firm ideas on how his business should be presented. And that can be difficult to fit into a modern digital marketing strategy. Buy we’re getting there! John has recently give the go ahead for a new website, which I;m personally delighted about as the existing design is more than 10 years old (with only minor tweaks since then).  We will finally have a website that works nicely for the 35% of visitors using mobile devices.

John personally delivers the clocks he sells within the UK, and will get the clock set up for you. He also provides helpful advice on operating and maintaining antique clocks. Increasingly, he is selling worldwide as British antique grandfather clocks have great prestige and appeal overseas. He provides an expert packing and delivery service to most countries, including the United States, Canada, and mainland Europe. That ensures that the clock arrives safely, undamaged, and in good working order.

John’s clientele has included rock stars and peers of the realm as well as us mere mortals. He has been featured in the Sunday Times.

From personal experience over the years, I would offer only one word of caution if you are considering  getting in touch with John about supplying a clock. That word is poetry. John loves his poems, so steer clear of the subject unless you are a devotee also. If you are familiar with the work of Douglas Adams, I suggest you follow his advice about Vogons and poetry.

antique grandfather clocks - typical clock face

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